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Most PC games require the use of many shortcuts, and a complex set up. For instance, space cruising usually requires 3 elements. One to target, one to move and one for shortcuts. Very often, gamers use simultaneously a mouse, a keyboard and a joystick. At the end of the day, the result is poorly intuitive, because one needs a "third hand" to deal with shortcuts, scene transitions, complex combinations, etc. On the top of it, investing in a joystick for only a couple applications can seem a lot. The Pu94 gaming mouse by Lexip assists users playing in 3D environment games. It is the fisrt device which combines two joysticks in one mouse.

The Pu94 by Lexip is a game changer for construction games such as Kerbal Space Program, . The internal pivot merged with the thumb joystick offer unmatched possibilities for 3D building.

The Pu94 enables FPS players to restrain the use of keyboard shortcuts. Accessing macros or moving sideways are easily dealt with thanks to the thumb joystick.

Games in which navigation takes a significant part, for instance Rocket League or Star Citizen, are a great playground for gamers using a tool such as the Pu94. Navigation is intuitive like never before.


The Joystick

The mini thumb joystick has the ability to send more than 90,000 angle values and perform complex sustained actions.

  • Vertical rotation plane: up, down, forward, backward.
  • Two degrees of freedom are accessible. It compares to a traditional joystick, but in a compact version.
  • With 30 degrees of tilt in four directions, controlling the pitch attitude and the azimuth of a spaceship for instance, becomes intuitive.

The Laser

ADNS-9800 provides enhanced features like programmable frame rate, programmable resolution, configurable sleep and wake up time to suit various gamers preferences.

  • Two dimensional glide with 12000 dots per inch (DPI), and the possibility to change it with any configured button on the mouse.
  • Two accelerometers, one assembled to the top shell and the other one to the bottom circuit board.

The Tilting Shell

The internal mechanical two-axis pivot on the upper shell gives gamers a mouse that tilts +/- 20 degrees in all directions.

  • The rotation plane is horizontal: left, right, forward, backward.
  • A silent block links the mouse's top and bottom shells, which allows the bottom shell to remain stationary while the top one is in motion.
  • The accelerometers registers 550 individual points over the +/- 20 degrees tilt

...And Other Great Features

Use our precision laser and customizable grips to make the Pu94 by Lexip the ultimate gaming mouse. Use the two built in joysticks to better navigate through 3D scenes and more. Apply custom macros with our control panel. Using Pu94 to strafe, roll, pitch, and aim will make your experience simpler, smoother and more efficient.

Ceramic Feets

These ceramic feets are great if you want the ultimate reduction in friction and the closest coefficient of friction between dynamic and static position. Gamers asked for it, we did it.

Braided USB wire

The cable of the mouse (1m60) is braided, ensuring its strength through its gaming life, it can also be plugged/unplugged so you'll be able to replace it easily by a cable of your preference (different color/length)

Control Panel

With our control panel, you can tweak the feel and function of your gaming mouse. From lighting effects to sensitivity, feedback, shortcuts and more, the Pu94 by Lexip is totally customizable.

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