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Why did we choose Kickstarter?

Because it's the best place to raise the funds we needed to develop our project and finally launch production ! And also because even if the mouse was widely supported by the gaming community, we are also glad to know that it has met a wider audience.

Is there a left handed version available?

Yes, the left handed version is coming soon! This is something we always wanted to provide as it's a big frustration to only see right handed gaming mice ...

When will I receive my PU94 ?

The shipping will start in September!

Minimum system requirements for Lexip mouse?

There are no minimum system requirements, all you need is a computer ! (And love)

Who is the PU94 by Lexip for?

PU94 by Lexip is intented for gamers to play any kind of game in an effective, intuitive and comfortable manner.

How can I set up the PU94 for my favorite game?

To set up your PU94 gaming mouse for your favorite game, you can easily create a new profile on the PU94 control panel and configure settings the way you want.


Email: communication@lexip.fr